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"Part Two was established 1986 in Copenhagen. From the very beginning, the iconic Scandinavian design tradition has inspired our designers and formed the basis of our design philosophy. In 1986 we intro¬duced a classic look aspiring women to dress in beautiful and comfortable clothing, reflecting an active and healthy lifestyle. From the beginning the brand enjoyed great success."


"I want to create clothes that are relevant, right here, right now, at this moment in time. What I’m really into is this idea of designing for women’s real lives, clothes that women feel good wearing. It’s about being timeless and chic but always with an attitude – a killer detail or something unexpected.”
-Jette Romvig, Head of Design


"It’s all about minding the details! And it has been that way ever since 2004 when CREAM came to life.

For over a decade, CREAM has been celebrating femininity, offering a unique, trendy signature look
that speaks directly to the heart of the woman who adores bohemian luxury with a Scandinavian feel.

Each collection is defined by details in all forms, highlighting the uniqueness that is CREAM."


"YAYA is a lifestyle brand. We create comfortable and feminine collections, which are easy to style and to love seasons long. We’re known for our designs in soft fabrics and tone down colors. It all results in items with surprising charm. Add a tough touch to the softness and you’ve got the full YAYA package."


"Once upon a time... (1985 to be more precise) a far off land (the French Alps actually), two handsome princes (well, possibly not - more like ski bum Sean and catering student George) struck upon selling t-shirts and sweats to the mountain folk. Thus, White Stuff was born."


"We're motivated by tradition and inspired by the future.We create contemporary designs with the utmost care in the details, keeping our experience with knitwear alive. We design garments that are innovative without losing sight of their references."


"Gardel by Moore is all about daring to be the woman you are. Flawless, yet natural, confident at times and modest at others, organized or relaxed. When we imagine various outfits to suit every aspect of your personality, why choose just one?"

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"Weaving the present with the threads of the past, making progress an art and a tradition in the transformation of wool, thinking creatively, having a dynamic of doing and experimenting, looking at work as a learning, transmitting the knowledge acquired throughout life, encouraging the Design and business innovation, increasing the capacity and quality of scientific research, producing culture enhancing the identity of a region, developing a green economy."

"The Pilgrim story begins in the cultured and centuries-old city of Århus, Denmark during the summer of 1983, when designer Annemette Markvad translated her great love for minimalism, art, music, and people into a collection of handmade jewelry she sold at music festivals thought-out Scandinavia and Germany."

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"Life is a journey, and no one knows that better than the entrepreneurial flight attendants who founded baggallini.

Ann and Dixie wanted a lightweight and functional bag that would take them around the world with ease. Twenty years later, the bags they created are still working hard for the everyday traveler.

So whether your day takes you five blocks or five timezones, baggallini empowers you to make the most of life’s journey!"